I’m Sparkling It Up Over Here

can’t stop making sparkly things lately


ZBox- what?

Some of the hardworking ladies at Zibbet have been putting together the most amazing sample boxes. For a great price, you receive samples of many zibbet sellers products – so many are full sized samples – it’s a steal!!

You can’t go wrong purchasing one of these little babies xxoo

Loving Zibbet

The lovely sellers over at Zibbet are just the best. It’s like being at my grandmother’s quilting bee! No matter what you need help with or suggestions on one of the ladies jumps right in. Everyone is incredibly generous with their time. And it is amazing how they band together to help each other increase their visibility. It’s fun and informative and so supportive.

New page on Facebook from these wonderful women – Zibbet Daily Deals. It’s fun and there are some great savings that change daily. Hop on over for a visit!


Knit Baby

Somehow, there is nothing cuter than a handknit baby item.  So fun to make, receive or give as a gift.  The only issue I’ve come up against is babies grow so fast, that adorable little sweater or dress can only be worn for such a short time.  I decided that the baby items I knit need to be something that can grow with the child so the investment in time – if you are a knitter yourself, or money – if you love to purchase handmade items, will be a good investment.

Currently, I’m working on a couple of patterns that grow with the baby.   I’m loving my convertibles which start as a baby dress, change into a tunic and eventually into a shorter sweater.  They also have the added bonus of a shrug which can be worn alone.

I also am working on knitting baby pants that can change from long pants to  capri pants as the baby grows. I’m finding that if you knit a little large with an adjustable waist and room for diapers (don’t like the tight fitting baby pants!  They just look so uncomfortable!) and loose fitting legs, your baby can carry these pants off as he or she get’s older.  No picture to show you yet, but hopefully will finish up in the next day.

So, happy knitting or happy knit shopping everyone xxoo

Have to be smart these days, to make your purchases go farther.

Some New Things In My Shop Today

oo la la we’re going glam today


My Favorite Orbiter’s Last Re-entry Giveaway update

Extended!!  Drawing will be March 9th.  You can watch it on


Reentry is very cool!!

My Favorite Orbiter’s Last Re-Entry Giveaway


March 8th will be Discovery’s last re-entry to earth.  I’m having another contest on my Facebook Page to giveaway a $25 gift certificate to honor her.  You just need to be my facebook fan to be entered.


Maggie won My Favorite Orbiter’s Last Launch giveaway last week and she went terrestrial with my Red Jade and Coral chunky necklace. 

What will you choose if you are the winner?  Will you go orbital with Sparkly Universe cuff bracelet

or perhaps, honor the thermal protection system with some beautiful glass? I’ll try to time the choosing to the twin sonic booms than announce Discovery’s return to KSC!


To watch the Discovery’s return to earth, visit www.nasatv.gov

See you there and hope you win xxoo